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Premier Source Landscape Maintenance Beaverton area and all surrounding cities.

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We love doing what we are doing.
Because is our passion.

Professional Landscape Maintenance Beaverton Company

“To be industry leaders in Landscape  Maintenance Services by minted and caring for high impact landscapes using skill, knowledge and unmatched teamwork while providing our clients with Customer Service that exceeds all expectations; constantly striving to keep your business for life”

Founded in 2007 by Pedro Garcia we specialize in landscape maintenance as well as offering a full range of services for your property from fencing, retaining wall, and pavers installation. We’re licensed, certified, bonded and insured to provide you with the best possible service and experience.

Landscape Industry Certified Technician

Perfectly trimmed green lawn and bushes in front yard. Modern Landscape Maintenance.
  • 15 Years + Green Industry Experience
  • OLCA member
  • Certified Commercial Pesticides Application
  • Professional, knowledge, integrity
  • CCB # 178614
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

We can’t imagine doing anything else.
We’re very proud of our job.

Professional Landscape Maintenance Beaverton Company

Garcia’s Landscape Maintenance, LLC offers landscape maintenance programs that can be tailored as per your needs. You’ve to accept it that not everyone born with a green thumb, and a lot of people struggle to find the time to maintain their lawn, landscapes, hardscape, and other landscaping features. Even if you somehow manage to maintain your lawn with ease and brilliance, or you’re someone who’s born talented with special genes that drives the passion of cutting the grass or trimming and pruning the shrubs and trees properly, but there are chances that you might miss the minor things during maintenance.

We provided lawn care services to many large houses, farms, commercial and family-housing facility not having enough staff available for the landscape maintenance. In these situations, Garcia’s Landscape Maintenance, LLC is ready to take all the responsibilities of landscape maintenance along with special duties because that’s what we have been doing for years.

We are offering services at the lowest cost possible, but money is always the secondary thing for us because we believe in providing quality work. We will customize everything and execute the plan that fits for your property, depending on the sizes and other complexities.