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Landscape Maintenance

Garcia’s Landscape Maintenance, LLC offers landscape maintenance programs that can be tailored as per your needs. You’ve to accept it that not everyone born with a green thumb, and a lot of people struggle to find the time to maintain their lawn, landscapes, hardscape, and other landscaping features. Even if you somehow manage to maintain your lawn with ease and brilliance, or you’re someone who’s born talented with special genes that drives the passion of cutting the grass or trimming and pruning the shrubs and trees properly, but there are chances that you might miss the minor things during maintenance.

We have seen many large houses, farms, commercial and family-housing facility not having enough staff available for the landscape maintenance. In these situations, Garcia’s Landscape Maintenance, LLC is ready to take all the responsibilities of landscape maintenance along with special duties because that’s what we have been doing for years.

We are offering services at the lowest cost possible, but money is always the secondary thing for us because we believe in providing quality work. We will customize everything and execute the plan that fits for your property, depending on the sizes and other complexities.

Following are the services that Garcia’s Landscape Maintenance, LLC, is providing to the clients with a professional team of landscape maintenance.

Landscape Maintenance

First impressions are everything for a homeowner community. We use our decades of hands-on experience and training to provide our clients with a plan to properly manage and enhance the landscape areas to increase the property’s value and appeal. Those who sign on with Garcia’s Lawn Care Maintenance soon understand and appreciate our commitment to quality and a well-maintained landscape regardless of price. Instead of cutting corners, we do what it takes to deliver exceptional yard maintenance results.

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Residential Landscape Maintenance Services Packages

  • Mowing
  • Edge sidewalks and curbs
  • Fertilizer and moss control
  • Broadleaf control
  • Sprinklers adjustments
  • Prune plants by hand and sheer (less than 4′ foot in height)
  • Rake flower beds
  • Leaf clean up and removal
  • Blow off sidewalks and driveways

Yearly Landscape maintenance starting at $248 per month with 12 months agreement.

All services are based on 5,000 sq. ft. (weekly service).

For large properties please call us for an accurate estimate.

We also offer Organic Services. 

Please call or request an estimate.

Weed Prevention

Garcia’s Landscape Maintenance, LLC, helps you with variety of weed control options. Catching and preventing weeds before they establish a strong root base will go along way towards the surety that your lawn remains adorable, attractive and shading green.

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We offer commercial landscape maintenance.

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Fertilizer Service

Every lawn has its own characteristics, needs, and wants. If you’re not a professional at landscape maintenance then you need to hire a company that handles your fertilizer service because everything related to landscape changes with time and during the change of season.

Garcia’s Landscape Maintenance, LLC has a high professional and team of experts that can take care of your lawn through proper studies, planning, and executions.

So, do you want to have a company that supervises your landscape maintenance project professionally? Garcia’s Landscape Maintenance, LLC, has helped thousands of clients before and ready to take your project as well.

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Seasonal Services

The spring and fall season tends to bring significant transitions. Things like excess leaves, sticks and other material that can’t be removed in a timely manner can have a negative impact on the health of your lawn as well as the softscape features. Sometimes when you ignore wet leaves, grass and other organic matters can damage your lawn with potentially dangerous mold spores.

With Garcia’s Landscape Maintenance, LLC, in the house, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your lawn and excess organic debris because we will keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. We will also help you with our expertise in landscape maintenance, such as fertilizing and aerating your turf to help preparing it for the next season.