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Garcia’s Landscape Maintenance is proud to offer our clients a wide range of professional landscape irrigation services.

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We provide landscape irrigation solutions for residential and commercial properties in the area, ensuring your lawns stay lush and vibrant year-round.

Our experienced professionals have the necessary experience and tools to customize an irrigation plan that meets all your needs.

Our team provides services, including sprinkler and irrigation system repair and installation of new systems, as well as updates to existing ones. Regular water delivery is key to success—and so is efficiency.

From initial planning through completion, we ensure your landscape remains healthy and beautiful while reducing water usage.

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Our comprehensive landscape irrigation services include the following:

Garden irrigation system lawn. Automatic lawn sprinkler watering green grass. Selective focus.

Design & Installation

Maintenance & Repairs

Spring Start-Up


mowed lawn

Consultation Services

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We offer high-efficiency solutions to save you money and provide the perfect coverage for your yard.

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Plus, we’re always available if something goes wrong—malfunctioning equipment or another issue—to ensure everything stays safe, healthy, and working efficiently!

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