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Landscape Drainage Problems are a Constant Challenge

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On many properties, landscape drainage problems are a constant challenge. Heavy rainfall and clay soils are a potent combination that results in issues such as pooling of water and reduced water flow from the landscapes. In some cases, if your neighbors’ properties are more elevated than yours, subsurface drainage problems can be a constant hassle.

Any amount of excess water the doesn’t drain properly can result in damage to your landscape. It is also the cause of erosion problems, foundation issues, fungal and mold build-up, etc. However, it is possible to fix drainage problems very quickly using the right techniques. Landscape maintenance professionals like us at Garcia’s Landscape Maintenance, LLC. provide customized solutions that can help mitigate these issues. In most instances, a combination of solutions is needed to solve the problem.

This job requires significant expertise and an understanding of how drainage systems work.

We offer comprehensive landscape drainage solutions that include French drain installation. In most instances, French drain networks are installed in critical areas of the landscape. These are used in combination with channel drains and other systems to create proper drainage in outdoor spaces.

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Benefits of French Drains

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French Drain Installation

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