About Garcia’s Landscaping Maintenance, LLC in Portland!

Premier Source Landscape Maintenance in Beaverton

We love doing what we are doing.
Because is our passion.

Since details stand at the base of perfection, if you choose to work with us you will see that the work will be completed efficiently, with extra care concerning all the details. We are passionate about our work, and we desire to offer something beautiful to all those who share our passion. We are a company of landscape maintenance, and as said before we have experience, but the only thing that sets us aside of the competition is our passion and our desire of offering the best services from the market.

Garcia’s Landscape has more than 15 years green industry experience, and he assures that the team works according to the firm’s politics. After so many years, we have a better understanding of our clients’ desires, and therefore we are able to provide excellent services in a short period of time. For us, you are the most important, since we value equally all of our customers. We are well aware that without them there wouldn’t have been any business, and this is why we try each time to offer them something innovative that will make them remember us.

You can contact Garcias’s Lanscape Maintenance Beaverton company at any time, and after we agree with all the terms, we can begin our collaboration, which may become one of value, just like many other business collaborations that we had in all these years. We love the idea of seeing a wonderful landscape and knowing that we are responsible for it. We base our services on professionalism, knowledge, and integrity.

We can’t imagine doing anything else.
We’re very proud of our job.

Landscaping Maintenance Beaverton
and surrounding areas.

  • 15 Years + Green Industry Experience
  • Certified Commercial Pesticides Application
  • CCB # 178614
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
  • OLCA member
  • Professional, knowledge, integrity