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This life is beautiful, and you should enjoy a beautiful life in the comfort of your home. Garcia’s is a company whose main concern is its final work, handling the maintenance of the outdoor landscapes.You deserve to live in a beautiful places, connecting with nature, even if you are living in the city. If you own a house in the middle of the city, you already know how hard it may be to deal with the maintenance of the garden, and especially with the design and the aesthetics that are so appreciated by so many families. Garcia’s is a company that has experience in this field, providing services ever since 2002, offering professional services such as lawn care and ground maintenance. The professional team is working for competitive rates, offering the best services available, and it is a customer-oriented company.


Since details stand at the base of perfection, if you choose to work with us you will see that the work will be completed efficiently, with extra care concerning all the details. We are passionate about our work, and we desire to offer something beautiful to all those who share our passion. We are a company of landscape maintenance, and as said before we have experience, but the only thing that sets us aside of the competition is our passion and our desire of offering the best services from the market.


Garcia’s is a landscape maintenance company that has been providing high quality and professional landscape maintenance for over a decade, and therefore we come with experience and passion towards this work, having the luck to work with a professional team who is part of this big family. No matter what you need, we are here at your disposal, helping you. No matter if you need lawn mowing, whit, fertilization, aeration, professional pruning, etc., we are here at your service.    Besides all this, we also provide complete services for year-round lawn and landscape maintenance. Therefore, we are always here, trying to provide you the best services, especially because our main satisfaction is to see our final work.


Our Landscape maintenance company has been providing quality and professional landscape maintenance for over 12 years. Whatever your needs are. We can help you.   If you like to take care the lawn mowing. But you need help whit; fertilizer, aeration, thatching Professional pruning, Barkdust, etc… We can help… We also provide a full-services year-round lawn and landscape maintenance.

Postal Address: P.O. BOX 1734,  Tualatin OR 97062 (503) 268-2292 Email: Call Us: +1 (888) 700-9048 Welcome to Garcia’s Landscape Maintenance, LLC in Portland! Why Us